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Spread over a sprawling 9.15 acre of land amidst green environs in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, the campus at EISB contains ergonomically designed buildings, centrally located courtyards, landscaped gardens where students can interact with nature.

The facilities also include alternative and environmentally clean power resources, including solar power that provides basic lighting and heating options. With well ventilated and cheerfully colored classrooms the school also has playgrounds and attached indoor sporting facilities.



Meditation is a personal journey. It will help us in enriching our daily life and deepening our spiritual life. Meditation will also help us grow in peace and awareness. Meditation allows us to act more efficiently and effectively in the world and to meet the challenges of tomorrow with greater clarity and equanimity.

It is also a powerful tool for healing body, mind and spirit. In order to gain inner strength, to experience tranquility and for personal time, the school provides a serene “Quiet Room” called Shalom. Surrounded by soothing trickle of water and lush green bunds and away from all distractions, “SHALOM” provides a calm, clear awareness and tranquility. This aesthetically designed marvel with the sides of the roof open to skylight is the pride of EISB.

Trinity Hill


As any parent or visitor enters into the portals of EISB, one is beckoned by the aesthetically designed and imposing two-storeyed edifice named Trinity Hill, the first point of contact, housing the Administrative Offices. Each floor of this building has a sprawling 6750 sq. ft. area and also a multi-purpose basement measuring 6550 sq. ft.

The Ground Floor of ‘Trinity Hill’ consists of a large, cozily furnished lounge, with a 20 ft. high misty cascade in the background. To one’s left is the Front Office with Executives who will provide general information about the School and also guide you to the dealing officials for specific purposes.

To the left of the Front Office, the corridor leads to the Admission office and next to it, the Principal’s Chamber. The office of the Director – Administration is to the right of the corridor. In the right wing of the building, are the Chamber of the Treasurer and the General Office.

On the first floor of ‘Trinity Hill’, one enters into a huge lobby, with enchanting view of the cascade through floor to ceiling glass panels. On the left wing is located the Chamber of the Chairman with its wooden flooring and elegant interiors. Located on the right wing are the Board of Governors’ Conference Room and the office of the Director – Academics. The exterior of ‘Trinity Hill’ is wrapped with structural glazing of grey and sky blue, with tinted glass.


“My Dream” is a building conceptualized to meet every need of a child, starting from the tender age of 2 ½years. Constructed on a total built area of 2.668 Sq. ft, the spacious and well lit up colourful classrooms with an attached activity room welcomes the toddlers into the world of formal training. Each classroom also has its own courtyard wherein the child is introduced to nature. With its own Library, Audio Visual room, Multimedia Centre and Computer Laboratory, the students  will be able to face the competitive world with courage and fortitude attuning them to the magic of our great big, beautiful world.


“A man should look for what is and not what he thinks should be”

Albert Einstein.


Technology is moving at a bizarre pace and man is expected to keep pace with it. Children are our bridge to the future and their lives are shaped in today’s Classrooms and Laboratories. To become responsible citizen in a changing Global Society, they must inculcate lifelong learning skills and develop in them the technique of maximum output with minimum time, energy and material. Our Science Laboratories are designed to give them such skills.

Experimental Science is entirely based on accurate observation recorded in the laboratories using proper instruments. Students in the laboratories are young scientists and as such they systemically investigate observations and draw conclusions from them. To encourage and kindle their curiosity the four laboratories Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science, situated on two floors are equipped with the latest equipments and most modern apparatus.

Each Laboratory is provided with enough working area, storage, preparation room and a separate room for the Subject Head. Since technology plays a vital role in present day learning, the laboratories are provided with computers with Internet access and LCD projectors. Special care has been given to safety in the laboratories. With the highly sophisticated and fully equipped laboratories and the wisdom of experienced faculty, the students will stand to benefit immensely in the pursuit of scientific excellence.


“All the world’s a stage and all men and women are merely players ”

William Shakespeare.


‘The Globe’ at EISB is a State of the art auditorium named after ‘The Globe Theatre’ of William Shakespeare the play house, for which he wrote, through the connected means of education and performance.

A fully air conditioned auditorium equipped with the latest technology for enhanced dramatic effect and audience comfort, it has the capacity of seating two hundred and sixty people. In keeping with the spirit of EISB where every soul is precious, a ramp has been built for the physically challenged and the precious grandparents who might have difficulty in climbing the steps to the auditorium.

EISB fosters inquiring individuals who accept and respect different cultures and work collaboratively. The Globe seeks to further this mission by welcoming international students and encouraging them to share the impact plays have worldwide on the participants and audiences alike. The Globe at EISB is the centre for igniting the passion to excel in music, drama, dance and other latent talents in the students.



The Library has been identified as a key factor in raising achievement and promoting each pupil’s personal development. Built over an impressive 9082 square feet area, it is located in a strategic place so that it is easily accessible to student and faculty alike. Learning services, books and other resources which are available to the entire school community is situated in the basement of the building. The area comprises of 25,000 documents for all age groups thereby motivating the students and providing them means to freely pursue subjects which fully engage them.

‘The Knowledge Hub’ has adequate space for a collection of all leading newspapers, latest magazines, non print resources and storage. It has the flexibility to allow multiple activities. There are instructional areas for small and large groups. Informal reading spaces have been provided for books and periodicals that encourage literacy, lifelong learning and a habit of reading for pleasure. Special reading cubicles are provided for students who wish to study alone. A minimum of 100 students can be easily accommodated at any given time.

A special staircase leads to the top floor which is the study research area containing all the latest reference material. In this area, staff and students have access to WI-FI Internet facilities where computers are placed for the educational requirements of the students. The aesthetic appearance contributes to the feeling of welcome as well as the desire for the school community to spend time in the ‘Knowledge Hub’.





EISB is a Residential-cum- Day School where the Boarding home plays a key role in the overall development of children staying away from their ‘HOMES / CITIES / COUNTRIES. In all respects, it is a second home away from home, enabling the boarders to use it as a springboard to success and a stepping stone to enter the world with confidence, dignity, spirit of sportsmanship and wisdom.

There are two separate Boarding Houses for Boys and Girls, Isaac’s Boarding House and Devi Nilaya respectively. Each floor of the boarding house accommodates 30 inmates on twin or three- sharing basis in spacious, well-ventilated rooms. Each child is under the able guidance and individual supervision of qualified, skilled, teaching / residential staff taking care of his/her emotional and pastoral well being.


The boarding houses provides modern amenities with comfort and recreation where children are able to use their leisure productively.

A beautifully architectured dining block ‘ MANNA ‘ is situated between the two boarding houses with two separate kitchens where the Vegetarians are able to enjoy their meals without any glimpse or aroma of the non-vegetarian dishes. Provision for personalized foods in special kitchens have also been kept in mind as per the desires of our boarders from out side the country like UK, Korea and others. The attractively landscaped ambience would definitely prove to be an appetizer titillating their taste buds and stimulating the hunger pangs of the children to eat well and appreciate the balanced diets. Studies are looked after through ‘Daily Preps’ where learning are through enquiry along with the normal procedures of task completions.


There are wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities like sport, instrumental and vocal music, drama, varied forms of art, extempore speeches / debates, talent nights, cultural trips and visits to places of interest and historical importance. To hone their intellectual talents and sharpen their grasp, expression / application skills, there are competitions and other adventurous / challenging activities also.

Boarding makes a child grow up with a sense of responsibility and self-discipline, respect for different customs / traditions and cultures, prepares him/her to soar with confidence and alight on the platform of real life with fortitude and wisdom.

Conference Hall

Most meticulously planned, this Hall serves as a salient feature the school has to offer. Complete with wooden flooring and acoustically treated, Tele Education is executed here with the help of a well-trained staff and modern equipments.

Important staff retreats are also held here. Significant staff gatherings and conventions have been held here with the guest speaker benefitted with the usage of a Power Point Projector and Wi-Fi access for uninterrupted internet access. Having tie-ups with a number of universities abroad, this hall is made available for these foreign delegates to interact with staff and students without distractions.

Alternate Power Supply

Keeping in mind the frequent shortage of power supply in Bangalore, a generator with high kilowatt capacity has been installed in the School Campus to ensure uninterrupted supply of power. In case of any power failure, this generator restores power in matter of seconds.

Tech Edge

Connectivity is the keyword at EISB. The Cyber Center provides twelve computers with high speed Internet facilities along with the Web Based School Management Software exclusively to all staff of EISB. This will facilitate them to browse the Internet for the latest developments in their respective subjects and keep the students updated. Interaction with Parents and Students via Email on a daily basis on the topics covered and the home assignments are the main features of this Cyber Center. EISB aims to cultivate the staff to become IT savvy. This is the life line between staff and the parents with regard to the day to day progress of every student studying at EISB.



The Cafeteria at EISB aims to provide students with a well-balanced meal for a healthy lifestyle. A whole school community approach to good nutrition is evident.

At EISB we provide vegetarian, Non. Vegetarian and Jain food to our students. There are separate kitchens for Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian food, which prepares Indian and continental cuisine, as per the menu designed by the nutritionists.

The cafeteria also has an in-house bakery in which experienced and dedicated bakers prepare different food items such as Bread, Biscuits, Pastries of different flavors, cookies, Puffs, Chocolate sauce etc. aiming to provide the children with variety of healthy and nutritious food.

The campus also has a tuck shop which is open throughout the day. A variety of snacks and beverages are available for the students at the tuck shop.


Day Boarding: 

  • Breakup of the meals provided for a day boarder
  • A wholesome Breakfast, Morning snack (fresh fruit juice and a light snack), Lunch and an Afternoon snack.
  • Chicken is provided twice a week and egg twice a week.


  • Breakup of the meals provided for a full time/ weekly boarder
  • A wholesome Breakfast, Morning snack, Lunch, Afternoon snack, Evening snack and Dinner.
  • Chicken thrice a week, Beef and Seafood once a week. Egg twice a week.
  • Breakfast cereals, Bournvita / Boost provided daily.
  • Vegetarians Pure Veg food provided by having a separate section for dining and cooking purposes for vegetarians.
  • Baby corn, mushroom, tofu, paneer and a range of various exotic vegetarian items provided.


At EISB, we are dedicated to provide a hygienic environment for the preparation and consumption of food on the campus. Thursdays are committed for maintenance of the pantry where the staff scrub, wash and scour every nook and cranny of the kitchen, keeping it clean on a weekly basis, all this apart from their daily cleaning routines.

Our kitchen team is required to wear clean uniform every day, with their chef caps and gloves for the bearers. This is strictly inspected by the Pantry Manager. Knives and cutting boards are marked with different colours to keep varieties of vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and Jain foods separate.

Being an international School, we cater to various cuisines for the intercontinental palates, though constantly bearing in mind that we are fundamentally catering to a larger proportion of Indian students. For this reason, with utmost consideration and respect, we have allotted separate kitchens and dining halls where student can enjoy their meals.

Oil and artificial colours are used at a bare minimum and is strictly monitored. Taste enhancers and MSG’s are not used in any food item prepared in our School kitchens. While it is more convenient to buy certain food items, it may not always be hygienically prepared. Foods like paneer, which are high-risk items to buy off the shelves, are manually prepared in our School kitchen, to avoid the possibility of risks being exposed to our students. With hygiene given top priority, the School invests a substantial amount towards pest control and other precautionary measures, during the mid-term breaks.


Etiquette and table manners are taught to our students, right from the kindergarten stage. Between the ages of 3-5, a child is most receptive to learning the rules of polite conduct. In other words, development of decorum! When children are polite, kind and honest, they develop character. As manners are beneficial for the rest of their lives, these skills should develop when they are young. While in the dining halls, our staff observes and teaches our students basic table manners, like:

  • Always say thank you when served something. Shows appreciation.
  • Do not reach over someone’s plate for something. Politely ask that the item to be passed to you. Show consideration.
  • Chew with your mouth closed. Do not stuff your mouth full of food, it looks unpleasant, and you could choke.
  • Never talk with food in your mouth.
  • Eat slowly and do not gobble up the food.
  • Sit straight and do not rest your elbows on the table.


If you want to keep your weight at a healthy level, you should follow a healthy balanced diet and keep physically active. Having a healthy balanced diet means you should:

  • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, at least 5 portions of a variety every day
  • Base your meals on starchy foods, such as potatoes, brown rice and whole meal bread
  • Have moderate amounts of meat, fish and other good sources of protein
  • Have some dairy food such as cheese, milk and yoghurt – choose lower fat options whenever you can
  • Watch how much salt you are eating – the most anyone over the age of 11 should be having is 6g a day (or 2.5g sodium)
  • Watch out for high fat or high sugar snacks and drinks, and do not have them too often

Four top tips to keep up your energy levels By the morning, your body has been without food for many hours, so no wonder it needs refueling. Your body is a bit like a mobile phone: it needs recharging regularly. Eating breakfast will help stop your stores of energy – your blood sugar – from dipping during the morning. It will help boost your energy and set you up for the day ahead. Good choices include:

  1. Do not skip breakfast

A bowl of breakfast cereal (try to choose one that is high in fiber, but low in fat, sugar and salt) with semi-skimmed milk and a glass of fruit juice

  • Boiled egg and toast and a banana
  • Porridge made with semi-skimmed milk and topped with fresh or dried fruit
  • Banana smoothie
  1.  Eat regularly

Try to make sure you eat three meals every day and top up with healthy snacks such as:

  • Fruit – choose fresh, dried, frozen or canned
  • Flavored yoghurt or milk
  • Pot of rice pudding or custard
  • Cereal bar
  • Fruit buns, fruit loaf or malt loaf
  1. Eat food rich in iron

We all need lots of iron, and girls need iron even more than boys. Iron helps the body make hemoglobin, the red pigment in our blood, which carries oxygen around the body. These are all good sources of iron:

  • Red meat such as beef and lamb
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Wholegrain bread
  • Green vegetables such as green cabbage, broccoli and dark salad leaves
  • Dried fruit such as apricots or raisins
  • Nuts and seeds such as cashews or almonds
  • Lentils, peas and beans, including baked beans
  1. Keep well hydrated

When you are really rushing about, whether you are shopping, exercising or clubbing, you have probably noticed that this can make you sweat. When you sweat you lose fluids so you could become dehydrated. If you are into sport this means you could start to lose your winning edge and you may even have to stop your training session or competition altogether.

By the time you feel thirsty, it is too late, and you are already dehydrated. To avoid this, remember to drink plenty before, during and after any activity such as a game or training session. And remember everyone needs 1.2 liters (6 to 8 glasses) every day (in climates such as the UK) to avoid dehydration. But if you are very active or the weather is hot, you need to drink even more.

Best drinks include: 

  • Water
  • Semi-skimmed milk
  • Diluted fruit juice
  • Diluted fruit squash

It is not usually necessary to drink sports drinks just because you are active. Fruit juice mixed with water, well diluted fruit squashes or juice drinks will hydrate you and give you some energy.

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Knowledge Hub

Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life. Libraries change lives for the better.

EISB’s state-of-the-art 40,000 sq. ft. Knowledge Hub (library) host 20,000 print volumes, 20 journal subscriptions and magazines, and 100 study spaces with personal computers and 24/7 Wi-Fi access. The e-library at EISB is equipped with Nooks and Kindle e-book readers to give students opportunities to explore 21st century reading. There are instructional areas for small and large groups. Informal reading spaces and special reading cubicles are provided for students who wish to study alone.

IT and Multimedia

To encourage real-time interactive learning, the campus offers an assortment of 60 smart classrooms equipped with 55” screens powered by Apple TVs, an iMac lab, an e-library equipped with Nooks and Kindle. E-learning at EISB is facilitated through Moodle Learning Management System. SCRATCH, an online multimedia programming tool, is integrated strategically with the curriculum.  Thus, EISB evolves further into becoming Bangalore’s most technologically advanced school.

EISB is a 1:1 Apple-enabled school where each student is provided with a personal computer. The school has collaboration agreements with technology powerhouses including Espresso, UK’s #1 digital curriculums provider and Google Apps, under which a range of online interactive services are available to the school’s teachers and students.

The concept of “Paper Less Administration” at EISB is not a dream but a reality. The functioning of the entire academic and administration are carried out by using a highly sophisticated School Management Software.


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Fire Safety Measures

The entire campus is protected from Fire Hazards. Minute details and planning have been executed keeping in mind the safety of the pupils and all involved in EISB.

Security Personnel

Our success, as a society, depends on how safe our children feel in their surroundings. At EISB, we believe that all success is failure if we do not make certain a secure environment for our students.We have  a team of professionally trained, well-supervised security personnel who own full responsibility for the protection of each and every student at the school.

Health Centre

The school places great importance on the health and safety of students. Our health centre is equipped with post modern healthcare facilities and paramedics availble on site. Highly qualified Doctors and nursing staff keep the Health Centre open throughout the working hours of the School.  Our school Health Centre consists of a doctor’s office (Clinic) and two wards, one for girls’ and one for boys’ in case of any admission which require bed rest.

General health check is conducted annually for students from Pre-Nursery to PUC.  This check up is done by a special team of doctors (Paediatricians) from Narayana Hrudalaya a well known Health Centre in Bangalore. Reports of the health check are conveyed to parents in case the student needs any treatment.


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EISB recognizes the need to nurture talent in students from an early age. It inspires them to take on the challenges of life and exhibit the spirit of competition and sportsmanship. Students are encouraged to perform not only at school level but also at the national and international levels.

In the quest to devlop happy, healthy well-rounded children, the Sports Department plays a very significant role in not only nurturing the students’ talents on the sports field but also in developing all facets of the students’ personality.

EISB has more than a fair share of young achievers. Be it in the field of athletics and sports, our students continue to make a mark all over the world. Our young achievers also include tennis players, sprinters and cricketers.


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